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About Fajji’s



At Fajji's our motto is: No rules...just deliciousness!

I make Ice Cream, but I sell happiness! I make the best ice cream around. I know this because hundreds of people over two decades have told me so. My theory is that if someone is going out for ice cream, they should be thrilled with joy at their experience. I know the delicious ice cream part is covered, but that's not all it takes to create the perfect experience. You need excellent friendly service, delicious fresh toppings and you need to get whatever you want.


At Fajji's our motto is: No rules...just deliciousness! If you have a question, the answer is yes. Mix different flavors, add extra toppings, substitute any flavor or topping in our specialty sundaes or get a shake in any flavor you can think of - YES, we do that! Whatever it takes to ensure Fajji's customers leave happy is what we do. My greatest joy comes from hearing customers' comments when they eat my ice cream like: "Wow, this tastes just like cookie dough - not vanilla with cookie dough pieces in it." Or, "I've been to a lot of places, and this is the best Oreo ice cream I've ever had!"


Another favorite is, "This PBJ tastes just like the sandwich, and I don't need a glass of milk!" As often as I hear it, it never gets old when people come up to my window and say, "I just got back to town, and the first thing I wanted to do was come and get some Fajji's." If, by some chance, you are not completely thrilled with your Fajji's experience, please let me know.


I'm Tom, I make all the ice cream, bake the brownies, design the sundaes, pick the lineup and have your happiness in mind the whole time. I'm here almost all the time, and if I'm not my cell phone number is on the Fajji card you get with your purchase. Feel free to call me anytime with problems, comments, suggestions for flavors or anything else. Like I said, my name is Tom - but you can call me Fajji, I don't mind!

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